Technical Programme

Monday, 21th June

9:30 Open ceremony
10:00 Invited Speaker 1: Anssi Klapuri
"Pattern induction and matching in music signals"
11:30 Paper session 1: "Music production, interaction and composition tools"
Session Chair: K. Jensen
Paper 4: Panos Kudumakis, Inseon Jang and Mark Sandler, "A New Interactive MPEG Format for the Music Industry"
Paper 3: Rolf Bader, "Sound Field Reconstruction"
Paper 31: Kristoffer Jensen, "Investigation on Meter in Generative Modeling of Music"
13:00 LUNCH
15:00 Demo presentation & session 1: "Interactive tools for music exploration and composition"
Demo Chair: I. Barbancho
Demo 43: Sylvain Marchand, Boris Mansencal and Laurent Girin, "Interactive Music with Active Audio CDs"
Demo 37: Lorenzo J. Tardon, Simone Sammartino, Isabel Barbancho and Ana Maria Barbancho, "3D Environment for Music Content Exploration"
Demo 36: Claudia Rinaldi, Luigi Pomante, Fabio Graziosi and Michelangelo Lupone, "RF Sounding: listening the cellphone"
Demo 35: Marco Liuni and Marta Gentilucci, "Multifog: a Multi-Level Control Device for FOG Granular Synthesis in Max/MSP"
17:00 Paper session 2: "Music structure analysis - sound source separation"
Session Chair: C. Févotte
Paper 8: Marco Liuni, Axel Roebel, Marco Romito and Xavier Rodet, " An Entropy Based Method for Local Time-adaptation of the Spectrogram"
Paper 24: Pete Bunch and Simon Godsill, "Transcription of Musical Audio using Poisson Point Processes and Sequential MCMC"
Paper 29: Hafiz Mustafa and Wenwu Wang, "Single Channel Music Sound Separation Based on Spectrogram Decomposition and Note Classification"
Paper 17: Cédric Févotte and Alexey Ozerov, "Notes on nonnegative tensor factorization of the spectrogram for audio source separation : statistical insights and towards self-clustering of the spatial cues"

Tuesday, 22th June

9:30 Invited speaker 2: Simon Dixon
"Progress in Music Modelling"
10:30 Poster presentation
Poster Chair: M. Aramaki
Poster 12: Reinhold Kainhofer, "An extensive MusicXML 2.0 test suite"
Poster 16: Alberto Pinto, "A Categorical Approach to MIR Model Analysis"
Poster 30: Enrique Márquez-Segura and Carmen-María García-López, "A fundamental and harmonics frequency estimation algorithm for musical instruments characterization based in polynomial spectrum fitting"
11:30 Paper session 3: "Artificial intelligence and cognitive science for sounds and music"
Session Chair: S. Marchand
Paper 5: Jesus L. Alvaro and Beatriz Barros, "Composing Music in the Cloud"
Paper 7: Mathieu Barthet and Mark Sandler, "Time-dependent automatic musical instrument recognition in solo recordings"
Paper 32: Andres Ortiz, Ana M. Barbancho, Isabel Barbancho and Ricardo Cruz, "Lightweight pitch detector for embedded systems using neural networks"
13:00 LUNCH
15:00 Paper session 4: "Auditory perception and cognition"
Session Chair: S. Ystad
Paper 33: Adrien Merer, Sřlvi Ystad, Richard Kronland-Martinet and Mitsuko Aramaki, "On the potentiality of abstract sounds in perception research"
Paper 11: Cristina De la Bandera, Simone Sammartino, Isabel Barbancho and Lorenzo Tardón, "Evaluation of music similarity based on tonal behavior"
Paper 21: Sylvain Le Groux and Paul Verschure, "Emotional Responses to the Perceptual Dimensions of Timbre: A Pilot Study Using Physically Inspired Sound Synthesis"
16:30 Excursion to Nerja

Wednesday, 23th June

9:30 Invited speaker 3: Christian Dittmar
"Songs2See and GlobalMusic2One - Two ongoing projects in music information retrieval research at Fraunhofer IDMT"
11:00 Demo presentation & session 2: "Music learning & composition tools"
Demo Chair: A.M. Barbancho
Demo 44: Dirk Schönfuß, MUFIN, "Content-based music discovery"
Demo 45: Ana M. Barbancho, Isabel Barbancho and Lorenzo J. Tardon. Graphical, "Tool for Piano Learning"
Demo 39: Cristina de La Bandera, Isabel Barbancho, Ana M. Barbancho and Lorenzo J. Tardón, "Graphical User Interface for Violin Learning"
Demo 46: Julian de Diego and Isabel Barbancho, "Graphical interface for string and fret estimation in guitar"
Demo 38: Simone Sammartino, Lorenzo J. Tardon and Isabel Barbancho, "A Prototype for a Complete OMR System"
Demo 42: Marco Marchini and Hendrik Purwins, "An unsupervised system for the synthesis of variations from audio percussion patterns"
Demo 41: Panagiotis Papiotis and Hendrik Purwins, "Real-time Accompaniment using lyrics-matching QBH"
Demo 40: Alexey Ozerov, Cédric Févotte and Raphael Blouet, "The SARAH project: Standardization of High-Definition Audio Remastering"
13:00 LUNCH
15:00 Paper session 5: "Analysis and data mining"
Session Chair: M. Barthet
Paper 13: Tan Hakan Ozaslan, Enric Guaus, Eric Palacios and Josep Lluis Arcos, "Attack Based Articulation Analysis of Nylon String Guitar"
Paper 6: Bas de Haas, Matthias Robine, Pierre Hanna, Remco Veltkamp and Frans Wiering, "Comparing Harmonic Similarity Measures"
Paper 9: Jakob Abesser, Hanna Lukashevich, Christian Dittmar, Paul Braeuer and Fabienne Krause, "Rule-based classification of musical genres from a global cultural background"
17:00 Panel 1: What can a computer do for the music? New challengues and problems
Panel Chair: Kristoffer Jensen
Panelists: Isabel Barbancho, Cristina Urdiales, Francesco De Mattia
18:00 City sightseeing
21:00 Gala dinner & Typical Andalusian dance and music

Thursday, 24th June

9:00 Paper session 6: "MIR - Music libraries"
Session Chair: L. Tardon
Paper 10: Sebastian Stober and Andreas Nuernberger, "A Multi-Focus Zoomable Interface for Multi-Facet Exploration of Music Collections"
Paper 14: Zoe Faget and Philippe Rigaux, "A Database approach to symbolic music content management"
Paper 18: Mikko Karvonen, Mika Laitinen, Kjell Lemström and Juho Vikman, "Applying Mathematical Morphology for Content-Based Music Retrieval"
Paper 23: Julián Urbano, Juan Lloréns, Jorge Morato and Sonia Sánchez-Cuadrado, "Using the Shape of Music to Compute the Similarity between Symbolic Musical Pieces"
11:30 Panel 2: ASTRA-Universidad de Málaga "Recreating models of musical instruments"
Panelists: Francesco De Mattia, Salvatore Avanzo, Roberto Barbera, Mariapaola Sorrentino and Domenico Vicinanza
Panel Chair: Giuseppe La Rocca
12:15 Closing ceremony
Invited Demo: Lost Sound Orchestra. Francesco De Mattia.
The demo concert will make use of Seelake equipment.